The Advanced Settings page allows you to edit several miscellaneous settings for Pro Custodibus.

Advanced Settings

Follow these steps to navigate to the Advanced Settings page.

  1. Click the Admin link in the app header.

  2. Click the Advanced Settings link in the Administration panel.

Good IPs

Enter a comma-separated list into the Good IPs field of known good locations from which your users access your WireGuard network. Entries in this list may include the following:

  • IP addresses, such as or 2001:db8::1.

  • CIDR blocks, such as or 2001:db8::/32.

  • AS numbers, such as AS64496 or AS4294967294.

  • ISO 3166 alpha-2 codes, such as US or FR.

If you register any good IPs, Pro Custodibus will generate an “Endpoint IP Suspicious” alert for any access to a monitored host from a WireGuard endpoint not included in your good IPs list.

Alert Danger Threshold

Enter the “danger” threshold for email alerts into the Email field in the Alert Danger Threshold section; enter the danger threshold for SMS alerts into the SMS field. The lowest danger value is 1; the highest is 9.

Alerts generated by Pro Custodibus at or above this threshold will be sent to all admin users of your organization, for all contact methods that have been confirmed and allowed to be used for Security Alerts.

Alerts below this threshold are still generated and visible to all admin users under the Alerts link in the app header.