Add Interface Wizard

The Add Interface Wizard walks you through the steps needed to set up a new WireGuard interface with two corresponding WireGuard endpoints, allowing you to connect two WireGuard peers.

Add Interface Page

Follow these steps to navigate to the Add Interface Wizard page for a host:

  1. Click the Hosts link in the app header.

  2. Find the host in the list, and click its name to view its main status page.

  3. Click the “plus” icon on the right side of the Interfaces panel.

  4. Select the Use guided set-up wizard radio button, then click the Next button.

Connection Wizard

Follow the steps of the Connection Wizard to set up a connection between host you selected above and another WireGuard peer.

Also see the “Set Up Connection Between Server and First Workstation” section of the WireGuard Connection Wizard blog post for a complete example of using the Add Interface Wizard.