Upgrade the Agent

To upgrade the Pro Custodibus agent on a Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or macOS host, download the latest agent tarball from the Agent Downloads page.

To upgrade the Pro Custodibus agent on a Windows host, download and run the Windows installer. To upgrade the Pro Custodibus agent in a Docker (or other OCI) container, update its container image.

Extract the Tarball

Copy the agent tarball to the host and extract it. Run the following command in a terminal on the host:

$ tar xf procustodibus-agent-latest.tar.gz

This will extract the latest version of the agent to a directory called procustodibus-agent-1.0.1 (or whatever the actual latest version number is instead of 1.0.1).

Run the Installer

The installer must be run as root. After extracting the tarball, run the following commands in the terminal on the host to run the installer:

$ cd procustodibus-agent-*/
$ sudo ./install.sh --install
running as root
install 1.0.1
agent configuration found at /etc/wireguard/procustodibus.conf
WARNING agent 1.0.0 package outdated (1.0.1 available)
install agent from /root/procustodibus-agent-1.0.1? ([y]es, [q]uit): y
OK will install agent
daemon running
install SUCCESS

Next Steps

  1. If you run into errors with the installer, check the Installer Troubleshooting documentation.

  2. Otherwise, check the host’s main page in the app. The Agent panel should show the results of the agent’s latest ping.

  3. If the Version field value in the Agent panel does not match version you just installed, the agent may not be running correctly. Check the Agent Troubleshooting page.