Run the Agent

The Pro Custodibus agent is a lightweight daemon that runs on each monitored host and sends WireGuard usage and audit logs to the Pro Custodibus servers. If configured to do so, it can also update the host’s WireGuard and network configuration.

To run the agent on a host, do the following:

  1. Add a host entry in the Pro Custodibus app for one of the hosts your want to monitor.

  2. Download the agent to your host, plus the config files generated by step 1.

  3. Install the agent, then check the app to see the status of the host.

If you have already added an entry for the host in the Pro Custodibus app, you can download the necessary config files for it from the host’s setup page. See the Set Up Host documentation for details.

If you have already installed the agent, but it does not appear to be working, see the Agent Troubleshooting documentation to troubleshoot it.