LDAP Polling

Once you have configured the LDAP integration, Pro Custodibus will automatically poll your LDAP server for updates to hosts, interfaces, and users, at the poll interval you configured. To view the polling results, following these steps:

  1. Click the Admin link in the app header.

  2. Click the LDAP link in the Administration panel.

  3. View the Status panel.


The Status panel will display the results of the last poll. Click the “circle-with-arrows” icon to run a new poll immediately.

The status properties displayed include the following:


Polling state; either:

  • “Poll Succeeded” if the last poll succeeded.

  • “Poll Failed” if an error occurred during the last poll.

  • “Poll Running” if a poll is currently running.

Last Poll

Timestamp of last poll run.


Results of the last poll, showing the number of entities synchronized if successful, or an error message if an error occurred.

On Demand Connections

When an active LDAP user account that has been synchronized with Pro Custodibus attempts to log into Pro Custodibus, Pro Custodibus will connect to your LDAP server to authenticate the user. These connections occur outside of the polling process.