Add a Host

Before you can monitor a host or update its WireGuard configuration, you must add an entry for the host via the Add Host page.

What is a Host?

Any computer running an operating system with a network stack, such as a server, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or Internet-of-Things (IoT) device.

The hosts relevant to Pro Custodibus are hosts with WireGuard installed on them.

See the Terminology page for a fuller explanation.

Add Host Page

Follow these steps to navigate to the Add Host page:

  1. Click the Hosts link in the app header.

  2. Click the “plus” icon on the right side of the Hosts panel.


Enter a descriptive name for the host, like “UNIVAC at the Census Bureau”, in the Name field. This name will be used as the display name for the host in the UI. There are no character restrictions, and you can change it later.


Select the Pull existing WireGuard configuration from host (or configure it later) option if the host already has one or more WireGuard interfaces running. Once you set up the Pro Custodibus agent on the host, the agent will automatically pull the existing WireGuard configuration from the host.

Select the Create new WireGuard configuration to push to host option if the host doesn’t already have a running WireGuard interface. This option will send you to the Connection Wizard to help you configure a new WireGuard interface. Once you set up the Pro Custodibus agent on the host, the agent will automatically push the new WireGuard configuration to the host.

You can always use the Add Interface Wizard at a later time to set up a new WireGuard configuration, so if you are unsure which option to choose, select the first option.

Form Submit

Click the Add button to submit the form and create an entry for the host.

Next Steps

  1. Click the procustodibus.conf link to download the agent configuration file.

  2. Click the procustodibus-setup.conf link to download the agent setup file.

  3. Download the agent software and copy it to the host (or run the agent in a container).