Rename an Interface

An interface’s name is used by its host to identify the interface. Changing this name may break things on the host that have been configured to interact with the interface using the old name.

If you need to rename an interface, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Hosts link in the app header.

  2. Find the host containing the interface in the list, and click its name to view the host’s main status page.

  3. Find the interface in the Interfaces panel, and click its name to view the interface’s main status page.

  4. Click the “a b” icon on the right side of the Interface panel to rename the interface.

The Pro Custodibus UI will not let you rename an interface while other updates to the interface are pending (and will not let you make other changes to the interface while a rename is pending).


Enter the name the host will use to identify the interface, like “wg0”, in the Name field. This name must be less than 16 characters, and must consist of only ASCII letters, numbers, dot (“.”), dash (“-”), and lodash (“_”) characters. It also must be unique among any other network interface names used by the host.

For macOS hosts, the Name must either be “utun”, or “utun” and a number, like “utun0”, “utun1”, etc. For OpenBSD hosts, the Name must either be “tun”, or “tun” and a number, like “tun0”, “tun1”, etc.

Form Submit

Click the Update button to submit the form and queue the interface rename.

The next time the Pro Custodibus agent on the host pings the Pro Custodibus servers, the agent will receive the information about the rename, and execute it.